Zoom Adds Silly Filters And More Noise Suppression Options

By Jenna Buyck | LATEST NEWS

Aug 07

So much, although have doubled their efforts to compete with Zoom the San Jose-based company appears to be holding to its teleconferencing Campaigns such as a detailed review with third-party Specialists, take steps to ensure the situation never repeated itself.

You will soon have four options automobile, moderate-low and high that let you fine-tune your sound levels on the telephone.

You may want some music playing softly in the background, if you are telling some ghost stories, for example.

Rounding out the upgrades is a multitude of emoji reactions,’ including hearts and party poppers, and see your face and slides.

These include filters that are Instagram-style using colorful names such as Seafoam and Cinnamon.

There will also be some Snapchat-inspired overlays that give you a pirate eyepatch, unicorn horn, Midsommar-esque floral crown, and more.

Additionally, the company is adding sliders that provide you incremental control over the brightness of your shooter and just how much the program tries to digitally”touch up” your overall look.

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