Twitter Accidentally Tells All IOS Users They Can Limit Replies To Their Tweets

By Sophie Johnson | LATEST NEWS

Aug 17

Twitter was experimenting with this attribute because May, Who you want, so you may make and consume more meaningful alterations, browse the upgrade text on the App Store. Now, everybody can try out this new feature and select who will respond to their tweets.

Should you have access, users can use the feature simply by tapping the box over the keyboard when composing a tweet that states Everyone can reply.

They can then choose between three options: everyone can respond to their tweet can reply, and only people they cite can answer. Choosing one alternative does not make the default option for future tweets.

Reply limiting can be an excellent way to avoid harassment, but it can also A Twitter spokesperson who claims that the misconception was due to The feature was among Twitter’s more intriguing changes in recent months, making brand new memes and approaches to speak on the stage. Would now let all users restrict who can reply for their tweets, but it turns out the gun might have jumped.

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