Snapchat Adds New Features Where you Can Change Your Face Into An Animated Sticker

By Antonio Lansang | APPS

Aug 06

nap verified that there is not a variant of Cameos right now, though I keep trying.

You can add decals that may go on your own snaps and your head.

There are a few hundred decals to select from however, such as Bitmoji, the organization intends to add.

Currently, the attribute is currently enlarging. Instead of Snapchat introduced the first version of Cameos in December.

If your Bitmoji is beginning to feel somewhat stale Cameos appear to liven up them.

Regrettably, Cameos is compatible with individual faces, along with my many efforts to flip my kitty’s face to a cameo decal were ineffective, although I did catch one adorably awkward cat selfie from it.

I have been using it for a Couple of Weeks now and If you have ever wanted to put your face around Attribute is a much option to Bitmoji.

It’s a bit unnerving to see that your confront that is disembodied on a dance sloth or whatever it’s.

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