MediaTek Shows Its First 5G Laptop Chips In Partnership With Intel

By Enrique Cajero | LATEST NEWS

Aug 13

Given that the rate compared to LTE, 5G modems are a The company said 5G calls that do not rely on a 4G LTE network have been analyzed by it.

However, the chipset supports non-standalone. MediaTek also assured that it is”exceptionally energy-efficient” so it will not empty your laptop if you are browsing 5G or making forecasts.

MediaTek modem supports Sub-6 5G tech along with the Thus far, such as Dell’s Latitude 9510 2-in1, HP’s Elite Dragonfly G2 along with also the Lenovo Flex 5G, However, lots of forthcoming models may have the 5G modems of MediaTek.

Utilize Qualcomm modems. Given the close partnership with MediaTek of Intel, MediaTek is beginning to bear fruit.

For its part, Intel said it’s been operating on system integration, validation, and growing platform optimizations for its 5G processor, in addition to providing help for OEM partners.

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