Google Launches File Vault For Users That Share Their Devices

By Antonio Lansang | LATEST NEWS

Aug 15

While meant for people who share their mobile devices with other people can gain from maintaining their important files safe and protected by a PIN with the Safe Folder attribute that is new.

Google has added Documents and a fresh Safe Folder attribute to keep personal content protected when family members or others share a device with one another.

Safe More than 150m individuals around the world regularly use the program to help reduce the stress of handling content and space.

The search giant released the program back in 2017 to assist users to free up space, manage content, and share documents In order to protect the sensitive documents of consumers that share their devices with others, Google has included a protected file vault called Safe Folder for its Files app. Now Folder is a secure, 4-digit PIN-encrypted folder that protects users’ important documents, audio files, videos, and pictures.

When Google introduced its Files program the company’s Since Intention was to help people who live in nations like Brazil, Nigeria, and India that often run out of space on a daily basis in their smartphones.

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