Best Blue Light Filter Apps for Android

we use smartphone as a habit for our daily routine work, whether it is night or day. Sometime the use of smartphones is very rigorous that we are even not able to get a proper sleep. So, why does this happen? The reason of having such phenomenon is caused due the harmful radiation emitting from the phones screen.

These radiation in terms of light are many caused by the blue light. According to the recent studies the blue light signals the hormones and neurotransmitters which signal the brain that this is not night, but it is the day time. thus, causing us to not get a proper sleep. So, to avoid such things we have to stop using smart as much as we can in the night time. although if it is very important to for you to work in the night time. all you need to have is a blue light filtering facility in your phone.

Blue light filter will help to give more comfortable light view which will not be harmful for your eyes and thus you would be able to sleep properly without any problem. So, to enable such option in your phone, all you need is to download a blue light filtering app in your smart phone your rest work is done. here are some of the best blue light filtering apps that you can used for your as an important utility for your phone in daily basis. So, let’s get started.

Blue Light Filter – Night Mode, Eye Care

First in the list is Blue Light Filter developed by the Leap Fitness Group, this application is specially designed for the filtering the blue light radiation of 380-550 nm wavelength. To prevent the tiredness of your eyes and thus to give you proper sleep. This application has many useful modes that you can use from like night shift, candle, dawn, incandescent, fluorescent and sunlight. You can use these modes according the time of day you are using your phone and can adjust the light accordingly. Otherwise adjust the blue light according your needs as per the intensity and for saving battery also.

Night Mode

Next up in the list is a protector for you eye from the harmful radiation. This application provides you night mode which you can enable in the night time that may allow you can light setting according to the comfort of your eye. You can change the colour temperature, dim the light and even increase and decrease intensity with your eye preference by the just turning the night mode on. This application is easy to use with total size less than 1 MB so that it wont effect your system performs also.


Twilight also works on the same the principle like the other ones. This app is designed according to the circadian rhythm and work accordingly to control melatonin production imbalance caused by the blue light emitting from your phone. It works perfectly fine the all the apps interfaces, so that you can comfortable play games, read books and chat on your bed. With this app you can easily adjust brightness and sharpness of your display of the screen.

Blue Light Filter – Screen Dimmer for Eye Care

Another application with the similar name and function developed by the health group: fitness that you can use from. Application is compatible with almost all android based smart phones. And good for those people who are having problems during sleeping, insomnia and sleeping disorder cause by the blue light. Which causes disturbance in the circadian rhythm. This application is available in different languages thus allow you to set the interface according to your preference.

Thus, hence that was the list of the some of the best blue light filter application for android phone. To  help you to deal the health issues related to you eye and leading to disorders in the sleep and further may affect the whole body metabolism.