Android Apps to Buy in 2018

There are many applications in the android market which helps user to access the device according to your convenience. We all have downloaded many apps since the day we owned an android phone. But did we ever have bought any application, why we would do that because there are many other free alternatives of the same application. That’s why nobody talks about such ones out there in the market. Some the paid applications are quite a useful for your device that you should buy them any how for better experience on your android phone.

Here in this article we will be discussing about some of applications that you must have in your android device with proper explanations to convince you that buying these applications have quite worth. so here are some the useful paid applications that you should have on your android phone.


Nova Launcher Prime

As android devices already come with a launcher for the interface so, why do we need any launcher for a phone. The answer is quite simple to customise the accessibility according to your needs. With Nova launcher prime you can redesign every inch of your screen. Although, you can do all these stuffs with the version also why do we need to download the paid version. The answer is the urge to get feature that are very helpful to use for. Some of the amazing feature is gesture-based shortcut for use favourite application by swiping, pinch, and double tapping the home screen. Another one is the facility for screen unread messages without even opening the application. Even you can hide one of the selected application by choosing the hide option. this lovely launcher has a lot more to give all you need is to explore it yourself that how cool it is.  


second up in the list is quite a mandatory if you are into some set of function you use daily on phone in an algorithm. For exam if you are tired of turning on wifi backing up the daily then turning off wifi and then switch off the after 11 am to save battery on daily basis. You can take help of tasker which is quite a handy tool to do that all-in series of step in order you are giving the task to. This application comes with more 200 built in plugins, own designed overlays and many more. That you would love to have in your phone and you will get used it in any time.


next in the list the no.1 paid music player application that you must have in your device. This application comes up with impressive set of features. Like you can play any format of the audio music file in this application. You can set timer for your play timing so that you can play music as long as you fall asleep and this will also save your battery. With help of this application you are able to fetch lyrics of your favourite song in no time. equalisation work really nice in the app where base and treble correction are for real with no lag or error. isn’t it amazing? You must try this application once and you love it because it is a value for money application.

Cerberus anti theft

Cerberus is like a health insurance for phone like you should always have it but hope you never use it. This antitheft security application comes up with lot to good feature that are very useful in situation when your device gets stolen by someone and they are still using it. This application can send you GPS location, take picture from front camera and even send SMS to another phone in case when some body has stolen your device. These security measures are designed to increase your chance to get your device back to your hands safely. You can even set Cerberus as your system application that would allows the application to survive in restore factory settings. Even if internet is not connected to the stolen device Cerberus can still send SMS to another device for safety and security. This application is trusted to be best for security of device so that you device is prevented even when it is stolen.