How to Block Whatsapp Calls on GBWhatsapp

If you are looking for the guide to disable voice and video calls on WhatsApp then you have come to the right place. I will share what the step by step process is to stop calls on Whatsapp using GBWhatsapp apk.

The moment whatsapp launched calling services which are free of cost, people started the use of that application for calling. If you have a good amount of connections on whatsapp, there is a high chance that people will annoy you by calling you frequently and that is undesirable. This is one of the biggest issues because Whatsapp does not and probably won’t provide any version update to completely stop video calls and voice calls from taking place. You can easily do that using the GBWhatsapp we are providing you the link for ..

The modified version or better known as the mod apk of whatsapp is called GBWhatsapp. It is originally preferred over the original whatsapp because it introduces a lot of new features. Hiding blue ticks, deleting sent messages, changing Whatsapp colors and themes are some of the features.

Of course there are a ton more features you can have access to if you are using GBWhatsapp and one of them is disabling calls be it audio or video format. We recommend you that you follow the respective guidelines to do it. All the necessary equipment is mentioned below here..

Follow this guide before jumping to the tutorial:

  • Download GBWhatsapp apk from this link
  • Make sure your android version is 4.0+
  • Make sure you have enough storage space to handle the application
  • The above mentioned things are absolutely necessary when following the procedure. After you do that, you can move on the the tutorial we have poste below.
  • So wondering how to disable the whatsapp calling ?

The only application you will need is GBWhatsapp and then you have to follow the steps to block the calling feature.

How to Download GBWhatsApp on Android

Step 1. The most important thing is to create a data backup so that you can restore it once you install GBWhatsapp apk.

To create a backup of your chat data, open the application. Open the menu option. Navigate Settings-Chats-Chat Backup.Use the backup option. Your data will now be backed up and stored in your drive account online.

Step 2. Now you have to download GBWhatsapp by clicking the link given below.

…link here – GBWhatsApp

Step 3. Once you have downloaded GBWhatsapp then install it in your device.

If there is a block in between your installation follow the next step to avoid that interference.

Open your security settings and enable the Unknown Sources option.

Now open your GBWhatsapp application and set it up the same way you setup your whatsapp. Just make sure you restore your previously backed up data.

Step 4. Open up the GBWhatsapp application and open up the menu option on the top right corner of your application

Step 5. Scroll to find GB settings and tap it to open it up

Step 6. Now search for other mods option and select it.

Step 7. Find the Disable voice calls option and simply enable it and now you can enjoy a peaceful life!

This is one of the most trusted guides available on the internet so after following it, you won’t be having any issues.. Now no one will disturb you by spamming whatsapp calls


The above is the comprehensive guide to disabling the calling in whatsapp. In case you face any problems, just contact us and we will respond immediately and aid you in resolving your issues.