Best Blue Light Filter Apps for Android

we use smartphone as a habit for our daily routine work, whether it is night or day. Sometime the use of smartphones is very rigorous that we are even not able to get a proper sleep. So, why does this happen? The reason of having such phenomenon is caused due the harmful radiation emitting from the phones screen.

These radiation in terms of light are many caused by the blue light. According to the recent studies the blue light signals the hormones and neurotransmitters which signal the brain that this is not night, but it is the day time. thus, causing us to not get a proper sleep. So, to avoid such things we have to stop using smart as much as we can in the night time. although if it is very important to for you to work in the night time. all you need to have is a blue light filtering facility in your phone.

Blue light filter will help to give more comfortable light view which will not be harmful for your eyes and thus you would be able to sleep properly without any problem. So, to enable such option in your phone, all you need is to download a blue light filtering app in your smart phone your rest work is done. here are some of the best blue light filtering apps that you can used for your as an important utility for your phone in daily basis. So, let’s get started.

Blue Light Filter – Night Mode, Eye Care

First in the list is Blue Light Filter developed by the Leap Fitness Group, this application is specially designed for the filtering the blue light radiation of 380-550 nm wavelength. To prevent the tiredness of your eyes and thus to give you proper sleep. This application has many useful modes that you can use from like night shift, candle, dawn, incandescent, fluorescent and sunlight. You can use these modes according the time of day you are using your phone and can adjust the light accordingly. Otherwise adjust the blue light according your needs as per the intensity and for saving battery also.

Night Mode

Next up in the list is a protector for you eye from the harmful radiation. This application provides you night mode which you can enable in the night time that may allow you can light setting according to the comfort of your eye. You can change the colour temperature, dim the light and even increase and decrease intensity with your eye preference by the just turning the night mode on. This application is easy to use with total size less than 1 MB so that it wont effect your system performs also.


Twilight also works on the same the principle like the other ones. This app is designed according to the circadian rhythm and work accordingly to control melatonin production imbalance caused by the blue light emitting from your phone. It works perfectly fine the all the apps interfaces, so that you can comfortable play games, read books and chat on your bed. With this app you can easily adjust brightness and sharpness of your display of the screen.

Blue Light Filter – Screen Dimmer for Eye Care

Another application with the similar name and function developed by the health group: fitness that you can use from. Application is compatible with almost all android based smart phones. And good for those people who are having problems during sleeping, insomnia and sleeping disorder cause by the blue light. Which causes disturbance in the circadian rhythm. This application is available in different languages thus allow you to set the interface according to your preference.

Thus, hence that was the list of the some of the best blue light filter application for android phone. To  help you to deal the health issues related to you eye and leading to disorders in the sleep and further may affect the whole body metabolism.

Android Apps to Buy in 2018

There are many applications in the android market which helps user to access the device according to your convenience. We all have downloaded many apps since the day we owned an android phone. But did we ever have bought any application, why we would do that because there are many other free alternatives of the same application. That’s why nobody talks about such ones out there in the market. Some the paid applications are quite a useful for your device that you should buy them any how for better experience on your android phone.

Here in this article we will be discussing about some of applications that you must have in your android device with proper explanations to convince you that buying these applications have quite worth. so here are some the useful paid applications that you should have on your android phone.


Nova Launcher Prime

As android devices already come with a launcher for the interface so, why do we need any launcher for a phone. The answer is quite simple to customise the accessibility according to your needs. With Nova launcher prime you can redesign every inch of your screen. Although, you can do all these stuffs with the version also why do we need to download the paid version. The answer is the urge to get feature that are very helpful to use for. Some of the amazing feature is gesture-based shortcut for use favourite application by swiping, pinch, and double tapping the home screen. Another one is the facility for screen unread messages without even opening the application. Even you can hide one of the selected application by choosing the hide option. this lovely launcher has a lot more to give all you need is to explore it yourself that how cool it is.  


second up in the list is quite a mandatory if you are into some set of function you use daily on phone in an algorithm. For exam if you are tired of turning on wifi backing up the daily then turning off wifi and then switch off the after 11 am to save battery on daily basis. You can take help of tasker which is quite a handy tool to do that all-in series of step in order you are giving the task to. This application comes with more 200 built in plugins, own designed overlays and many more. That you would love to have in your phone and you will get used it in any time.


next in the list the no.1 paid music player application that you must have in your device. This application comes up with impressive set of features. Like you can play any format of the audio music file in this application. You can set timer for your play timing so that you can play music as long as you fall asleep and this will also save your battery. With help of this application you are able to fetch lyrics of your favourite song in no time. equalisation work really nice in the app where base and treble correction are for real with no lag or error. isn’t it amazing? You must try this application once and you love it because it is a value for money application.

Cerberus anti theft

Cerberus is like a health insurance for phone like you should always have it but hope you never use it. This antitheft security application comes up with lot to good feature that are very useful in situation when your device gets stolen by someone and they are still using it. This application can send you GPS location, take picture from front camera and even send SMS to another phone in case when some body has stolen your device. These security measures are designed to increase your chance to get your device back to your hands safely. You can even set Cerberus as your system application that would allows the application to survive in restore factory settings. Even if internet is not connected to the stolen device Cerberus can still send SMS to another device for safety and security. This application is trusted to be best for security of device so that you device is prevented even when it is stolen.

Top Photo Editor Apps For Android

PicsArt Photo Studio : Collage Maker & Pic Editor

PicsArt Photo Studio:Collage Maker And Pic Editor app was offered by PICSART.Its download size is 31.88 MB.You can download and install it with the help of  GOOGLE PLAY STORE.Its In-App Purchases range from Rs.20.00 to Rs.3,200.00 per item.It has got more than 100,000,000.It is considered to be the number one photo editor and pic collage maker which is FREE.

You can also showcase your mindblowing photo edits on instagram and these photo edits are as follows:-

  • It offers collage maker and grids for photo editing.
  • You can crop,stretch,clone,e.t.c. your photos with the help of the photo edit feature of PicsArt .
  • You will get free stickers ,clip art and sticker maker.
  •  In this app you can use it’s customisable brushes, professional drawing tools and layers for drawing purpose.
  • Moreover, it allows you to take pictures which can have live effects.
  • With the help of this app you can take such pictures that can be free to edit so that image remixing could be done easily.
  • You can use the remix chat feature of picsart to edit any picture with your friends.
  •  Besides, this app will provide you day to day photo challenges to improve your editing tricks with the help of contests.

 All the above mentioned awesome features of picsart are being provided to you for free so install this app as soon as possible and enjoy.


Photo Collage Editor,  it is one of the best photo editor for the Android smartphone devices it was developed by MeiHillMan it has more than 1 million downloads on the different platforms of Android application market its latest version is 1.6.10 It requires the Android version of 4.1 and above in the latest feature that developers made this application compatible with the Android 8.0 devices all the bugs have been fixed. The user can used in different great photo collages as per they needed this application has the huge amount of background stickers so that the user can make more creative to the pictures they can even at the text in the image or they can even change the ratio of the colleges after making the colleges the user can even share their pictures on various social media platforms this app can be easily downloaded and installed from Google Play Store at free of cost.

PIP Camera – Photo Editor Pro

PIP Camera, this application has more than 100 millions of download and it has been most liked photo editor it was developed by Fotoable,Inc. This application allows the user to redefine their photos and they can edit their photos as well this application has their own selfie tool which is awesome and the user will not want to miss that tool it is globally popular the PIP full form is picture in picture Its some popular features are PIP style, magazine style ,artistic filters

They’re are really very easy to use and which made this application more user friendly it is available at free of cost on Google Play Store.


Snapseed, it has been developed by the Google it has more than 50 millions of downloads on different platforms of Android application stores it requires Android version of 4.4 and above this application is a professional Photo Editor application for the Android Smartphones it has more than 29 tools and filters which includes structure ,Brush,HDR and many more. It helps the user for opening Raw files and JPG files.

The user can several tones filters in their pictures for improving the quality of the picture this application is easy to use and it is free to download on Google Play Store.